Kempu soppu saaru / Red spinach and lentil curry

Sesame lamb curry

Spaghettini with vegetables

Chicken heart fry

Vegetable Kootu (Vegetables and lentil curry)

Tandoori turkey wrap/stir-fry

Making an open wrap

Cabbage Kootu (Cabbage lentil dish)

Avarekai uppittu/upma – Spicy cream-o-wheat and green kidney beans

Cherry wheat cake

Pork stew and Brioche

Avial - Curry loaded with veggies and coconut

Cabbage stir-fry in pita pockets

Methi / Fenugreek Paneer/Tofu curry

Soy and Avarekai curry

Ragi dosa (Finger millet crepe)

Jeera Pepper Rasam/ Cumin Pepper Soup