Hello and welcome to my food blog turned food site! I am Reshma Seetharam, owner of reshmaseetharam.com. I am a foodie; love to cook, photograph and write about food. I am a web developer by day, and food blogger by night. Nothing excites me more than creating a new recipe or taking on a cake project. I bake cakes for my family and friends over the weekends.

Food, design and photography are three things that have always amazed and inspired me. I have seen my life constantly revolving around these, and now I have a chance to combine them into my own space here. I always experimented with food, in mom’s kitchen. I thank her for always encouraging me to be myself.

Being born and raised in Bangalore, South Indian food and culture is what I grew up loving! Many recipes here, are my signature creations. Some are recipes have been refined and revised from the traditional recipes, to suit today's lifestyle.

My Mom:
Not so long ago, as a child, in mom’s kitchen, I remember whisking the eggs for her numerous cakes. She'd come by now and then, and say "Not fluffy enough!" My sisters and I would sit for minutes at a time beating dozens of them, while mom would juggle lunch, and grease and flour the cake pans, sifting and measuring cake flour.
Even now, if I ask mom a recipe, she says, “Watch and learn”. By the time I jot what she's added in the blender, she is tending to the stir fry on the stove and she's chopping the onions. At the same time, somehow, she is washing dishes and clearing the sink, the pots are boiling, blenders are running, the aromas are truly intoxicating. And there I go, lost in her world, miss getting her recipe. We can’t laze and graze around her! She is good! My sisters and I, and all of the people who are blessed to eat her signature dishes will tell you, she is one amazing power woman, my mom.

My family:
My husband is an engineer by profession, and a meat lover by heart. If the recipe doesn't have meat, you can tell it wont be on his plate. My two little boys, the apples of my eye, my stressers and de-stressers. They are to me - my reason to live, endure, thrive and get through the shittiest of situations. They help me persevere.  My eldest son is a foodie, loves sports, adores my cooking and has never rejected a single dish I have made. He is venturing out on his own to test recipes! The younger one is engrossed in his own world. He is a picky eater, rarely acknowledges food and is my hard to please food critic! 
My website has a lot of recipes for you to choose from. Vegetarian, vegan, egg, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, you name it. You can find cake, cookie and dessert recipes here. If you are a person willing to experiment with food, or have picky kids, this is the place for you. If you haven't found what you were looking for, feel free to write and ask me to try a recipe for you! So, come and enjoy reshmaseetharam.com. Inspire and encourage me. Feed my ego! If you have tried a recipe here, please be kind enough to leave a feedback or suggestion. Welcome to my abode!