Making an open wrap

Lay the chapathi/tortilla on a flat surface. Spread the filling in the center.

Make chapathis of the size you desire, or buy ready made tortillas, whatever works for you.

Fold one edge towards the center.

Starting at the corner of the folded edge, roll the tortilla with both hands, pull the filling along tightly and roll it towards the other end of the tortilla, gathering the filling along the way.

Place the rolled tortilla on a rectangle piece of tissue/foil or clear wrapping sheet. Make sure the wrap is a half the size or a little smaller than the roll, so when you wrap, the open end is visible. 

Fold one edge on the top of the close end of the roll, towards the center. Now roll the paper over the filled tortilla, tightly packing in the remaining paper towards the other end. This makes an open wrap. Done!