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  1. Article Enjoy versatility with Green Indian Curry
  2. Article Taste of India with spicy masalas and creamy coconut.
  3. Article Three delicious desserts make for delectable memories.
  4. Article Five Indian Curries that go great with flatbread
  5. Article How a busy Mukilteo mom feeds her family
  6. Article Make your own luck with potato coins 
  7. Article Mini valentine cookies
  8. Article Four soup recipes for the winter
  9. Article Kickstart winter festivities with chicken starters
  10. Article Kid tested lunchbox ideas
  11. Article Sizzle these kebabs on the grill 
  12. Article Five Indian curries that go great with flatbread
  13. Article Smoothies to kickstart your day
  14. Article Naturally sweet homemade bars
  15. Article Marvelous millets
  16. Article Versatile quinoa 
  17. Article Celebrate Indian festivities with these treats
  18. Article Sundried red chilies and drumsticks
  19. Article Rum and fruit cake for the holidays.
  20. Article Date and honey cake
  21. Article Diwali delights
  22. Article Halloween treats.
  23. Article Creative lunch box ideas.
  24. Article Super eats for Super Bowl.
  25. Article Seahawks desserts for the big day!
  26. Article Superlative sides for holiday feasts.
  27. Article Thai shrimp curry.
  28. Article Oranges, cream cheese and frosting
  29. Article Vegetable and paneer stir fry.
  30. Article Creamy chicken curry.
  31. Article Cherry cream pineapple cupcakes
  32. Article Coffee cream cupcakes in chocolate shells 
  33. Article Coconut pilaf
  34. Article Egg kale sandwich with avocado butter
  35. Article Mini cranberry oreo cakes
  36. Article Fettucine paneer alfredo
  37. Article Arabian grilled chicken
  38. Article Broccoli shrimp stirfry 
  39. Article Apple marmalade 
  40. Article Basil noodles
  41. Article Saffron mango icecream
  42. Article Sweet almond fritters
  43. Article Gourmet sausage and green bean wrap
  44. Article Pan seared pork chops in vodka 
  45. Article Stuffed and baked pork chops
  46. Article Asparagus chicken noodle soup

Redmond reporter, newspaper and online, Washington

  1. Article Game day finger foods.
  2. Article Rum and fruit cake.
  3. Article Recipes for Diwali.
  4. Article Holiday side recipes.

Archana's kitchen, India

Organic Mandya, India

  1. Recipes of healthy organic grains, millets and other produce.
  2. Recipe ragi methi idlis
  3. Recipe millet burger patties.
  4. Recipe millet and methi masala idlis.
  5. Recipe millet cookies.
  6. Recipe carrot millet muffins.
  7. Recipe millet string hoppers.
  8. Recipe millet spicy porridge - bisibelebath.
  9. Recipe spicy/shara millet pongal.
  10. Recipe sweet millet pongal.
  11. Recipe millet dhokla.
  12. Recipe millet crepes.
  13. Recipe Ragi nippattu.
  14. Recipe foxtail millet nippattu.
  15. Recipe ragi (chakli and kodubale) snacks.
  16. Recipe Millet energy bites.

Cooking with Millets book - Reshma Seetharam

Wrote a book 'Cooking with Millets' for Organic Mandya in English and Kannada. My friend Lakshmi Bhaskar was kind enough to proof read and quality check the kannada version. My good friend and mentor, Bhaskar encouraged me to write it. Sahana and Madhu sir were kind enough to channel this energy. Thank you! The Kindle version can be found on Amazon

In 2017, I went on an impromptu Cooking show - Oggarne Dabbi hosted by Murali in my hometown Bangalore, courtesy Organic Mandya. The host was funny and such a chatterbox! 
A glimpse of my articles in the Herald, Washington.
All my articles on the Daily Herald, Everett, Washington, from 2013-2021. Written over 100 recipes, 45+ articles, for nearly a decade. A big thank you to Doug Parry, Andrea Brown and Sara Bruestle for bearing with me for so long. 

Andrea Brown, wrote an article on this mom. It was so fun to be interviewed and published in the papers. Andrea is an exceptional journalist and writes about a lot of interesting finds in and around the Washington area. She owns a section in the Herald called What's Up With That? Check it out here

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