Spaghettini with vegetables

I have taken a liking to pasta over the past few months. This thinner form of spaghetti is faster to cook. The dish is a quick way to satisfy your lunch cravings. The ingredients needed for this dish will surely be in your pantry and refrigerator. A great olive oil can do wonders to this simple dish.
What I used: Serves 4
1 lb raw spaghettini
1 tsp finely chopped or crushed garlic
2 cups of fresh vegetables chopped (broccoli and carrots)
½ cup of corn
½ cup of chopped white onion
4 tsp of great olive oil
1 tsp of red chili flakes
A few sprigs of freshly chopped cilantro
Salt to taste

Boil the spaghettini according to instructions on the box. While that is boiling, in a medium saucepan add the crushed garlic and olive oil. Set it on medium-high heat. As the garlic simmers in oil add in the onions, then broccoli, carrots and onions after a minute. Saute them for a few minutes until the vegetables are a crunchy, add the chili flakes and salt. Turn the heat down to low.
Drain the spaghettini, toss it into the mixture and serve hot. Enjoy!