May 25, 2016

Posts on Archana's kitchen

Here are the posts making rounds on Archana's kitchen front page today. A big thanks to Archana Doshi for having them. Recipes on Archanaskitchen

May 15, 2016

Curry powder recipe

Spicy south Indian curry powder recipe

Bisi bele bath powder

An awesome recipe for the classic lentil, rice and vegetable dish - Bisi bele bath.

Nihari spice powder recipe

Nihari is an urdu term meaning stew of bones and bone marrow. This powder goes great for Paya Nihari -  a classic bone stew or meat dishes. Enjoy!

Berry almond and yogurt smoothie

Creamy yogurt, berries, almonds and chia make a wholesome and nutritious breakfast smoothie.

April 26, 2016

Fruit forest cake - II

 Yet another version of fruit forest cake, my own invention. Cake hat is covered in fruits, all over and layered in between too. Fresh fruits, whpped cream and a light airy cake, yum!