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RSS  GooglePlus    Youtube  Pinterest  Flickr    Here are some lunch box Ideas for school kids. I intend to keep it healthy, for the most part, and colorful. Kids lunches should have a good balance of fruits, veggies, calcium and carbs. I hope it helps other busy moms too. The best way to have kids enjoying their lunch is to take them along to shop your groceries. Let them help you pick out the weeks fruits and veggies, their favorite milk, yogurt of cheese. If you want to save time preparing their lunches every morning, prep the veggies over the weekend and store them in ziplocs/boxes. Please feel free to send in your constructive comments and suggestions. Enjoy!
Spiced ground meat in avocado wheat wraps Easy to make; Great for dinner, yummy in lunch boxes

Ham and veggie wraps Strawberries, green apple, peanut butter, veggies/turkey sausage stir fry in whole wheat flat bread.

Sausage and cheese wraps Watermelon, celery, cucumber, turkey sausages, cheese rolls in whole wheat flat bread and milk.

Turkey fried rice Red apples, peanut butter, a cupcake, brown rice, vegetables and turkey fried rice; milk

Peanut butter &Jelly sandwich w/ chicken dumplings Vegetable stir fry, green apples, chicken dumplings, peanut butter and jelly sandwich; milk.

Meatball curry over rice and apples Meatball curry and rice, green apples, wheat crackers, yogurt parfait and cherry juice

Sausage fried rice, nuts and fruits Veggies and meat fried rice made from day old rice, trail mix of nuts, strawberries, apples and milk.

Omelet pinwheel wraps with creamy Italian dressing Omelet wrapped in tomatoes, spinach, whole wheat tortilla with cream cheese. Apples strawberries, cucumbers, milk.

Mini football pizzas Mini football shaped pizzas made from bread and veggies; watermelon, oranges, carrots and milk.

Vegetable pilaf, nuts and fruit Vegetable pilaf, apples, strawberries, whole wheat crackers, trail mix and milk.

Egg& spinach rolls, nuts and fruits Carrots, cheese and egg in a spinach tortilla. Oranges, strawberries and trail mix; milk.

Meatball and veggie fried rice; fruits Pork meatballs and vegetable fried rice, cherry tomatoes, apples and oranges; milk.

Turkey wrap rolls, nuts and fruit Turkey slices and carrots in a cheese spread within a spinach tortilla; grapes and apples, trail mix and milk.

Asian noodles, meat and veggie stir-fry Sausage and veggies sauteed with noodles; Oranges, grapes and fruit cheerios, milk.

Turkey sausage and ginger fried rice Turkey sausages and vegetable sauteed with cold rice and soy sauce. Apples, strawberries and oranges, milk.

Lettuce tortilla wraps; fruits Turkey sausages wrapped in lettuce and mayonaise, some fruits and cream cheese, milk.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich; veggie stir fry and grapes Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sauteed brocolli and carrot strips, grapes and milk of course.

Veggie fried rice; nuts and fruit Vegetable upma/cracked wheat pudding, apples, trail mix, a rice crispy and milk.

Sausage & veggie fried rice; oranges Shrimp fried rice with vegetables and a turkey sausage on the side. Oranges, apple juice and a cheese stick.

Grilled chicken wrap; grilled veggies Lemon chicken rolls in wheat chapatis, grilled broccoli and zucchini. Cheese stick and rice crispies.

Egg and vegetable rice; grilled veggies Veggie and fried brown rice, a boiled egg. Grilled broccoli and zucchini. An oatmeal bar and cheese stick.

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