14 Easy Strawberry Recipes to try!

Strawberry recipes

When strawberries are in season, try out all the recipes, from ice-creams, jellies to cakes and tarts. 

Some delicious recipes you should try. 

  1. Strawberry lemon creme pastry
  2. Strawberry Chia pudding
  3. Strawberry'n cream chocolate cupcakes
  4. Strawberry yogurt smoothie
  5. Creamy Strawberry ice-cream
  6. Strawberry raspberry jam recipe
  7. Strawberry Oats porridge - pongal
  8. Vodkarita strawberry popsicles
  9. Strawberry yogurt popsicles
  10. Strawberry chicken salad
  11. Ghost faced strawberries - for Halloween 
  12. Chocolate strawberry cheesecake bars
  13. Whole wheat eggless strawberry cake
  14. Coconut rum strawberry cake