Breakfast recipes

Multigrain onion uttapam
Spongy rice and grain pancakes topped with a medley of peppers, onion, chili and cilantro

Whole wheat waffles recipe
The same yummy homemade waffles, just a healthier version!

Pav bhaji recipe
A great way to use up all those veggies in the fridge

Aloo paratha recipe
Spicy potato stuffed flat bread

Bread pudding with blueberry compote
Whole wheat bread, raw cane sugar and organic blueberries!

Ragi roti
Finger millet flour bread with veggies and beans

Lemon rice recipe
Tangy, spicy lemon fried rice with onion and peanuts

Oatmeal rotti
A soft Indian bread handmade with oatmeal and rice flour.

Spicy oatmeal crepes
A hybrid version of a rotti and a dosa, or shall I say a crepe and pancake.

Avarekai akki rotti
A South Indian flat bread made of rice flour, and vegetables.

Ragi rotti
Another flat bread handmade with Finger millet flour, vegetables and greens.

Sihi avalakki
A sweet salad made from beaten rice, bananas, raisins and sugar.

Khara Avalakki
Beaten rice sauteed in spicygreen chilies, peanuts and onions.

Steamed rice cakes made of rice and split black gram

Uddina vade
These lentil donuts make a perfect pair with steamy idlis.

Mini brown rice idli
Mini cakes made of brown rice and lentils.

Rave idli
Steamy semolina cakes with a blend of mustard, green chilies and cilantro.

Green apple kesaribath
A sweet semolina pudding made with green apple.

Orange kesaribath
Sweet semolina pudding made with fresh squeezed oranges

A spicy cracked wheat dish made with vegetables.

Avarekai uppittu/upma
A spicy cracked wheat dish made with avrekai - a fresh green bean .

Traditional sweet and khara pongal
An age old South Indian classic, made to celebrate the first harvest and to welcome the new year.

Quick jaggery pongal
A quick method to make pongal, using beaten rice and raw brown sugar.

Bisi bele bath
Also known as hot lentil and rice porridge, Karnataka's famous breakfast.

A spicy rice made with egg plants and tamarind.

Lime fried rice
An easy way to transform day old rice with vegetables and lime.

Maavinkai chitranna
Also known as mango rice, made with unripe green mangoes and chilies, mouthwatering, truly!

Tamarind rice, the most delicious and tangy rice, served in almost all Indian temples during festivals.

Shaavige bath
Vermicili spiced up with vegetables.

Paal appam
Delicate rice crepes made with coconut milk and fermented rice batter.

Masala dose
Rice crepes smeared with chutney and filled with potato fry.

Godhi dose
Whole wheat crepes , healthy and delectable.

Neer dose
called neer, meaning water, as the rice batter is as runny as water. They are crepes as thin as paper and literally melt in your mouth.

Ragi dose
Crepes made from finger millet flour, you can call them protein rich crepes too.

Rave dose
These are the easiest and quickest crepes you can make. They are made of semolina, or finely cracked wheat.

Deep fried whole wheat breads, that puff up like donuts. They go great with chutneys, and curries.
Vanilla pancakes
Light and fluffy homemade pancakes, ready in minutes.

Whole wheat Cinnamon waffles
Waffles made of whole wheat and a dash of cinammon, and topped with fresh strawberries.

Brandy and bread pudding
A filling Sunday brunch, take caution not to overdo the brandy with kids around :-) Makes a great dessert too!

Blueberry pancakes
Pancakes made with fresh blueberries and then some, on top!

Celery and corn noodles
Slippery, transparent rice/bean noodles stir fried with celery and corn, served with boiled egg.

Vegetable noodles
You can use any regular instant noodles stir fry it with vegetables, for a quick breakfast or meal.

Custom omelet on butter toasted brioche
An omelet with a whole lot of love, veggies and greens.

Turkey omelet
Omelet filled with spicy ground turkey and peppers.

Colorful veggie omelet
Omelet with tons of colorful veggies.

Carrot and Corn Omelet
Carrots and corn make this omelet sweeter than usual, but who's complaining :-)

Fenugreek Egg toast
Eggs scrambled with fresh or dried fenugreek leaves give it a whole new flavor.