Happy Ugadhi - celebrating our Hindu New Year! Festive recipes

 Here is our typical festival platter, served on a banana leaf. 

Starting from the top left: cucumber slices, beans stirfry, moong dal and cucumber salad, fried ridge gourd/heerekai bajji/fritters, kadale kalu usli/whole channa dal saute, mango pickle, onion bajji/fritters, bella shavige paysa/vermicelli and brown sugar kheer, bele obbattu/lentil stuffed sweet bread, mavinkai chitranna, mango rice and avarekalu huli/bean and potato curry. 

Recipes for all the above dishes are here

French beans stir fry recipe

Moong dal, carrot and cucumber salad

Onion or babycorn bajji/fritter recipe

Shavige/Vermicelli paysa/kheer

Bele obbattu/lentil stuffed flatbread

Mango rice

Kadale kalu huli - same recipe for avarekalu huli as well