Ninja party Ideas and Ninja Cake

Here is a Green Ninja cake inspired by my son's favorite character Lloyd in the Ninjago cartoon. I could have made it out of fondant, but wanted to try it out of Butter cream.

Decorations I came up with for the Ninja party. Regular baloons with ninja eyes. Cups and plates with Ninja eyes. A take home gift wrapped in green with ninja eyes. 

For the games:
1. Slay the dragon - We had a Ninja sword to slay the Ninja dragon pinata that I bought online.

2. Dart the Ninja! - The ninja darts game i bought online.

3.  Ninja kicks - I bought styrofoam/thermacoal and cut them into long strips so they kids could punch and kick them like karate pros :-)

4. Join the Ninja puzzle - I made a ninja and cut them into 12 puzzles that all the kids could put together.

For party favors I drew a little ninja and got it custom photographed on to mugs as the kids take home gifts.