Drunken Noodles

Well, there is no alcohol in the recipe, but its called so because of how much alcohol you will want to consume to combat the hot spicy flavor of this Chinese/Thai dish.

What you need: Serves 4
3 cups flat rice noodles/or any other regular noodles
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 pound boneless meat(pork/chicken), shredded
1 tsp garlic paste
2 tsp Thai chilies chopped (optional of you like it hot)
2 Tbsp fish sauce
2 Tbsp dark soy sauce
1 Tbsp sugar
2 Tomatoes cut into wedges
2 cups vegetables of your choice (broccoli, carrots, colored peppers, onions)
A sprig of fresh basil leaves (optional)
Salt to taste

Cook noodles in boiling hot water over a large pot, until done. Drain and run them over cold running water for a few seconds. Set aside. 

Get oil in a wok over medium-high heat. When it begins to smoke, add the shredded meat, garlic paste and chopped chilies. 

Cook for about 1 minute; add in all the sauces and let the meat cook tender, Toss in the vegetables and sauté on high for another minute. 

Add noodles, tomatoes and toss them about to get the sauces over them. 

Garnish it with basil leaves just before they are served. Enjoy!