Praise to mom's cooking!

Thanks amma for taking us into your abode all summer long and bearing with my children. I had the best vacation ever, love you amma :-)

I am back to the grind, after a long lazy summer vacation. All I did was sat and ate mom’s yummy food. I came back a happy cow, or should I say a stuffed pig.  It was indeed a dream come true to be watching her cook and learn from her. My sons relished the steamy dishes, and I silently basked in their glory. Dad had his own little package for the kids, he had a few chickens, dogs and cows at the farm, and those were all the little brats needed, running behind them all day. Thanks to FB, I met a lot of my long lost friends, many from school and college. I enjoyed getting dressed with my sisters for weddings and parties. I witnessed three deaths, two of which were very unfortunate. One was a close uncle of mine, who suffered a long and painful health, the other was a na├»ve two year old infant, my nephew, who died in a freak car accident. The pain and agony of death brushing so close to home, was irreconcilable. 

Mom, sisters and I went on a vacation to Thailand, now that was a real vacation! The warm sun kissed beaches, the juicy tropical fruits, the chilling coconut juice, and huge guavas, the never-ending breakfast platters at the hotels, the fun we had communicating with the locals who dint understand a word of English, and not to miss, the shopping, just loved it all. The only thing that disappointed me was “pad-Thai” Everywhere I ate, I kept comparing it to the Thai food in the US, and it was very different. My precious camera was accidentally dipped into the waters of the gulf of Thailand, and that was the end of it, the canon center could not revive it back. That was the greatest reason I stopped blogging. Now I am on a hunt for a good camera that fits my budget and creates the same magic, so please bear with me :(

Mom was always on a roll; now and then she missed her yoga regime, but made up for it the next day. I tried to get up before her and stay active, but always failed. By the time I got up, she would be in the kitchen, whipping up something to eat. It would consist of a varied array, fresh veggies, sprouts, and fruits for my sister, Indian breakfast for dad, and a sweet treat for my kids, oatmeal and fresh pressed vegetable juice for herself. After all that said and done, she would get with the house chores, doing the dishes, sweeping and swabbing the floors, doing the laundry, watering the plants, and also cooking lunch. Did I mention, my kids were also bathed and fed? Amidst all this, she managed to attend her kitty parties, run errands, visit her dentist and get her root canals, look after my little pranksters while I was away, as I shamelessly enjoyed my new found freedom. Never did she once grumble or mutter to herself that she was overwhelmed. Now that is what I call a “Supermom”. Seeing her toil so much, my sister finally fixed up a house maid to help her. How can a mom do all of it, and never complain? There is so much I learned from her, the most being patience and sacrifice.

I am back to being a full time mom myself now, my son starts school, and I seem to be more excited than him. I just loved his school playground, his classroom is so colorful, and yet color coordinated, so organized and inspiring. Back home, missing mom already :(