Okra and Tomato fry / wrap

This is my little sister Jes’s signature recipe, and she makes it finger licking good. Mom always insists that only she make it. Here is her recipe.

What you need: Makes 6 wraps or serves 4 as a side dish
2 cups fresh okra, washed, wiped dry and diced
1 cup onion cut lengthwise
2 cups tomatoes diced
A sprig of curry leaves, washed and the leaves chopped finely.
A tsp of urad dhal (uddina bele)
½ tsp red chili powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
A pinch of sugar
Salt as needed
1tsp olive oil

Get a skillet nice and hot, add the oil, as it smokes, add in the urad dhal and let it roast to a light brown. Toss the onions roast on high heat for just a minute, as it browns, add in the tomatoes and let them cook until they are soft. Add in the cooked okra. 

To this, add all the powders, roast for 2 minutes on high heat, then on low for the next 7-10 minutes. It is fast and healthy, especially if you love okra. Enjoy!