Neer dosa - Rice crepes

This is one of my favorite dosa for meat/veg curries. Personally, I like it with cilantro chicken curry or fish curry. Neer dosa got its name because of its watery runny batter I guess. It is a common delicacy found in Coastal Karnataka, Mangalore. It is pretty easy to get the batter ready, but the actual dosa making is a little tricky. Works best on a non stick pan or griddle. Try it!

What I used: Serves 4-5
3 cups rice soaked for 2-3 hours and made into a smooth paste
2 cups of fresh/canned coconut milk
Salt to taste

Mix the rice batter, coconut milk and salt together  to make a watery/ very thin batter. Set a flat dosa pan/pancake pan on medium-high heat. When it begins to smoke, wipe the top surface with half an onion dipped in a little oil. This is like a nonstick coating.
There are two ways to doing this, you may sprinkle the batter on the pan with your hand, or pour a scoop of batter on the pan, and rotate the pan around to spread the mixture into a thin paper like formation.
I use my hand, stir the batter and sprinkle the batter all over the pan. Don’t do any retouching. This splattered effect will give you that crunchy texture. Let it cook on medium until very light golden. Fold it gently. Serve hot with a spicy meat or vegetarian curry. Enjoy!
Tip: Check out the rava dosa technique, it is very similar.