In India, I bet this is a child’s favorite breakfast. Hot dough breads that puff when fried in oil are just mouthwatering to watch and eat. When coupled with Vegetable sagu, Aloo playa, or any meat curry, just so good! 

What I used: Makes about 30 small pooris, serves 4-6 depending on how much they eat
2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup warm/hot water
½ tsp salt
1tsp oil
1-2 cups of oil to deep fry

In a bowl comfortable enough to knead, add flour, salt and 1 tsp oil. Blend well. Slowly adding warm water, gently knead it to a firm yet soft dough. Cover and set aside for 30 minutes. This way the warm water and dough work well to give you a pliable consistency. You may add all these into a processor, with the dough blade. Either way works fine.

Take a small frying pan, add oil to fry and set on medium. 

In the meantime, make small lemon sized dough balls. On a flat surface or smooth board, dip each ball in a little wheat flour or oil and roll into a small flat round about the size of your palm. If you want crisp flat pooris, rolls it out thin. If you like puffy pooris, roll it out a little thick.
Check the oil temperature by tossing a small pinch of dough into the oil, if it puffs, we are good. Gently lower the rolled bread into the oil. Be careful not to splatter the hot oil. If it doesn’t seem to puff, tap it in the middle with the fry spoon. Once it puffs, turn it over to the other side. When the poori has gotten golden brown and crisp, remove it into a colander or tissue plate to drain out the excess oil. 

Serve hot with  Vegetable sagu, Aloo playa. Enjoy!