Making a closed wrap

To Make a closed wrap, here is what you need. A medium/large chapathi/tortilla, a filing of your choice, and clear/cling wrap.

Lay the chapathi/tortilla on a flat surface. Spread the filling in the center.

 Fold 2 opposite edges towards each other, vertically, to resemble a rectangle.

Hold the bottom end of the tortilla, gathering the filling along the way, tightly pack the tortilla rolling it towards the opposite end. 

Place the rolled tortilla on a rectangle piece of clear wrap. Make sure the wrap is a little bigger than the diameter of the tortilla.

Fold the 2 opposite sides of wrap towards each other onto the tortilla. Now fold the botton edge, tigtly packing in the remaining foil towards the other end. 

This makes a closed wrap. Cut the wrap in the middle, slightly diagonal or horizontal. Done!