Cauliflower wrap/stir-fry

What you need: (Makes 6 wraps or 4 as a lunch/dinner side dish)  
2 cups fresh cauliflower, diced, soaked in hot water and 1tsp salt for 15 minutes, drained.
1 cup each: diced carrots, diced green pepper, peeled baby onions.
Powders: ½ tsp red chili powder, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp each: chana dhal, urad dhal, cumin.
Salt to taste
1tsp olive oil
2 sticks of fresh cilantro, chopped.

Take a shallow skillet. On medium heat, add oil. When it starts to shimmer, add the dhals and cumin and let it roast to a light brown. Toss in the carrots and cauliflower. Cook for 3 minutes, till they are a little soft, yet crunchy. 

Add the whole baby onions and green pepper. Turn the heat to high fr just 2 minutes, to let the onions brown a bit. Return the heat to medium now. Pour in all the powders. Sprinkle a little water. This prevents the dhals from charring. 

Cook uncovered for 4 minutes. Don’t let any vegetable cook all the way through. It is good if the top layer is soft. Turn off the heat. Garnish it with cilantro before it is served. I just love the way the caramelized baby onions taste, soft on the outside, and crunchy on the inside!

I usually cook this stir-fry for dinner, as a side dish. If it remains, I wrap it into chapathi/tortilla rolls for lunch the next day.


roopa said…
Wow...such a colorful,yet simple and healthy dish.
Thanks Roopa, as always, appreciate your comments and suggestions!
Anonymous said…
Tried it this morning and it was was colorful, tasty and so easy to make. It saved me a lot of time.Couldn't wrap it like how you do it. My chappathi tore and spilled out all the filling. Not sure whether i rolled it too tight or my chappathi was dry.

My Foodarama said…
Thanks Sri, cos the vegetables are larger, they go well in an open wrap. Nothing wrong with the chapathis I am sure :-)