Ragi Muddhe ( Steamed finger millet dough)

This is a Karnataka state classic, of South India. Its eaten by the rich and the poor alike. The muddhe is made of finely ground finger millet. It can be used to make a warm breakfast porridge, or a a yogurt smoothie. if you are innovative, you can substitute flour in a recipe with this.

You really have to learn the art of making it, as well as eating it. It needs to be made, in boiling hot water, stirred without lumps, and rolled out into a dough ball. The best part is eating it, sorry gulping it! You knead out a bite sized dough into your hands, dip it in the curry, and swallow it. It feels so warm as it rolls down your throat, into your tummy! May I mention that its whole grain. Rich in protein, minerals, carbs and above all, a great source of fiber!

What I use: Serves 1 or 2
1 cup and 2/3tsp Ragi flour
2 cups water

In a thick bottom, deep pan, add the water and 2 or 3 tsp of ragi flour, Give it a whisk to take out any lumps.

Bring it to a boil on medium flame. Once the water steams and boils, add 1 cup of ragi flour slowly, little at a time, constantly stirring it with a wooden spoon.

Once all the flour is added, stir it constantly while pressing it to the sides of the pan, to get rid of any lumps.

Let it cook one medium heat for 3-5 minutes. Watch it carefully, taking care not to burn it. For an added touch, you can add 1/2 tsp butter to the dough as it cooks, Gives it great aroma and it just melts in your mouth!

Overturn the pan on to a wet plate, or a wet cutting board. Keep a bowl of really cold water next to it. Dip your hand into the water, and knead the hot dough with your hand, to form a ball. After every knead, dip your  hand in cold water. That way, you wont burn your hand, and the dough will not stick too!

Serve it with any curry. The best combination would be chicken/mutton curry or soppu saaru. (vegetable/spinach curry)