Kheema curry (Meat ball curry)

This is an all time favorite South Indian curry. It can be made from ground meat (lamb, turkey, chicken or pork)

What I use: Serves 6 for dinner (30-34 meatballs)
1/4 can / 2Tbsp  coconut milk
1 small bunch fresh cilantro
2lb/1kg ground meat (turkey, chicken, lamb, pork)
(I use regular Jimmy Dean turkey/pork sausage)

Prep the meat:
To the raw ground meat, add the following ingredients. It gives a great flavor. All these vegetables should be finely chopped. 2tsp onion, 2tsp cilantro, 1tsp of each, ginger and garlic, a few chopped scallions if you like, 1/2tsp black pepper powder and salt to taste. 

Mix it well, grease your hands with a little oil, and make small meat balls. You may refrigerate them, covered in wrap. for about 30 minutes, or use them as is.

In a big shallow pan, roast the following ingredients in a little olive oil
2tsp whole Garam masala (That's a 1/8th inch cinnamom, 2 cardomoms, 4cloves)
1tsp black pepper seeds
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp cilantro seed powder
8-12 green hot chilies ( You may add more, if you like it spicier)
1/2 inch sliced fresh ginger
3-4 petals of fresh garlic1 large onion sliced
2 medium tomatoes sliced

Let it roast on low heat till the aromas fill the air. Let cool. Add a little water and the cilantro. Grind it to a smooth paste. In another thick bottom skillet, Add 2 tsp olive oil, and on medium heat, add the tempering ingredients. Use a few sliced onions, cook till brown.

Add in the ground paste. To this add 1 and 1/2tsp or more salt as desired. Let it simmer, covered on medium heat for 7-10 minutes. Add in the coconut milk. Drop the raw meat balls gently into the curry, taking care not to stack them on each other, or they will break. Try to use a large shallow pan, to be safer.

Cook covered for 12-15 minutes on low to medium heat. Do not stir the curry now, or they will break.  The oil will start to separate, as the curry bubbles. Turn off the heat. Garnish with chopped scallions. Chapathis/rice, or, ragi muddhe are the best combinations. Enjoy!