December 23, 2013

Cookies, Chocolates and Bars

Chocolate Caramel Cookies
Roll up chocolate cookie dough and stuff them with caramel chews, and the most delicious caramel filled gooey chocolate cookies are born.

Eggless Almond crescent cookies
A very simple cookie to put together and it just melts in your mouth, did I mention the aroma that fills in the home while it bakes? a must try!

Almond coated cookies
Cookies made with almonds and rolled in sliced almonds for a crunch effect!

Jam sandwich cookies
Cookies similar to short bread cut out and glues together with homemade mango and cranberry preserves to make perfect sandwich cookies.

Eggless butter cookies
They are the most simple, melt in your mouth butter cookies flavored with cardamom.

Chocolate peppermint cookies
Chocolate cookies topped with peppermint candy cane crumbs, yum!

Pink and blue teddy cookies
These cookies are made with the traditional sugar cookie recipe. They really turn out great, not too sweet not too bland, just right with the icing.

Ninja Cookies
Here are some fun Ninja cookies to pull off a cute birthday for Ninja crazy kids like my son. He wanted a Ninja cake. I had an interesting inspiration, green and black ninja cookies, cakes, and decoration.. it was a fun project to do.

Rum and chcocolate bars
These little bite size, guilt free bars are easy to make and would also serve an office potluck! It has just that yum kick of rum, and when combined with cream and chocolate, truly sinful!

White chcoclate cookie bars
Cookies not -- bars :-)

Chocolate-Strawberry cheesecake bars
Just for your valentine :-)

Death by chocolate brownies!
Brownies and icecream with a drizzle of warm caramel sauce.

Orange Sugar Cookies and Icing
Sugar cookies with a hint of orange, and colored glaze, just for christmas

Do it yourself Chocolate Seashells and Starfish
Chocolate melted and poured into seashell and starfish shaped moulds.

Unicorn cookies
Regular sugar cookies sut with unicorn cookie cutters and frosted.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate chip cookie made a wee bit healthier with whole wheat.

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