Hello and welcome to my food blog turned food site! I am Reshma Seetharam, mom, wife and daughter. I am a foodie; love to cook, photograph and write about food. I am a content manager by day, and food blogger by night. Nothing excites me more than creating a new recipe or taking on a cake project for my family and friends.

Food and photography are two things that have always amazed and inspired me. My life constantly revolve around these, and now I have a chance to combine them into my own space here. 

Being born and raised in Bangalore, South Indian food and culture is what I grew up loving! Many recipes here, are my signature creations. Some are recipes have been refined and revised from the traditional recipes, to suit today's lifestyle.

Adapting into my kids busy schedules has been interesting, I wouldn't have it any other way. Packing their lunches and tweaking recipes to suit them, as well as disguising veggies and fruits into their favorite dishes been fun! I hope my kids can use all these recipes in their lives someday.