My kids and me
Hello and welcome to my food blog turned food site! I am Reshma Seetharam, mom, wife and daughter. I am a foodie; love to cook, photograph and write about food. I work in the tech industry by day, and blog in the meantime. Nothing excites me more than creating a new recipe or taking on a cake project for my family and friends.

Bangalore and Lalbagh, will be my forever home, my heart. No other place in the entire world gives me so much happiness... Just kidding!  Also Seattle and New York!

Being born and raised in Bangalore, South Indian food and culture is what I grew up loving! Many recipes here, are my signature creations. Some are recipes have been refined and revised from the traditional recipes, to suit today's lifestyle. My passion for baking and cooking in general, was picked up from my mom. We were three sisters who grew up with the most amazing childhood one could ask for. Amma was and still is the most amazing chef and baker! I have never see her ruin a recipe, she always makes it taste great, she tweaks every dish to perfection.  Her curries, pilafs, cakes and those crispy dosas and pillow soft idlis, I can never make it like her in a hundred years. Her trick is her speed I guess. She works well under pressure. She can make many dishes at one go, multitasking is her middle name I'd say. Amma is a yoga fanatic and a certified Sogetsu Ikebana teacher as well. 

Food and photography are two things that have always amazed and inspired me. My life constantly revolve around these, and now I have a chance to combine them into my own space here. 

Mom and my boys
Work, running around my kids busy schedules, and blogging when I have time is what I have been doing these days. It has been pretty busy lately, but I'm not complaining. God has blessed me. My day starts with packing kids and hubby's lunchboxes. Each have their own habits. Kid 1 is very picky, wont eat veggies and fruits. Kid 2 eats anything and everything. Hubbs does not take any Indian food to work. So, it's been an interesting ride to pack three different boxes. 

After they leave, its walk/run, feeding ducks and birds that visit my patio. If we have a gorgeous sunrise, Im out by the lake taking pictures and videos. Then chitchatting with family while I prep meals for the rest of the day. Then its work all day, sometimes late into the night. In the midst of this, pick up kids and run around their sports and study schedules. 

Kids are now teenagers, and will soon be off to college. Im trying to stop, breathe and take it all in, the good bad and ugly. The kindness, the tantrums, the little joys and frustration we throw at each other on a daily basis. This past year has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. People leaving and people coming into my life have been a big part of it. Life goes on, have found some great souls who love me unconditionally and are there for me no matter what. I thank god for them. Guess life has made a philosopher out of me - ha!

Back to my blog. I hope my kids and my princess, niece Ammulu can use all these recipes someday.