Food prep for the week!

I made this post specially for busy parents, who have long work weeks. 

Here is a snapshot of how I try to manage my work week. Weekdays can be stressful with work, commute, sports driven teenagers and trying to cook healthy homemade meals every night. 

After years of trial and error, here is what works for me.

Buying fresh local produce, trying to include a lot of vegetables and protein into my family’s diet. Prep, cook and freeze food for the week.

This weekend I used mushroom, paneer, egg, shrimp/prawn, chicken and a ton of vegetables.

Used coconut milk, cream and nut paste with a combination of two curry bases:

green - spinach and chili, 

red - tomato and red chili.  

Made 6 different curries, in two hours (includes prep and cook time) just using 2 pans, washing after each batch. 

Once done, curries are cooled, packed and frozen. Every night I move two boxes from the freezer to the fridge. 

Everyday, I make hot rice, chapatis or dosa with rice/wheat/millets. 

If you have the time to make food fresh, I salute you, but if you are short of time, this is a great option to save time and still eat healthy! 

Hope this helps. Any questions, suggestions, feel free to ask.