Feeding a Village - Behind the scenes!

 We cooked for a village, literally! A handful of humble volunteers came together and creates magic. I was blessed to be a tiny part of this celebration.

A good friend organized a get together of Gowdas in Seattle - Gowdas are a community in Karnataka, South India. The couple accomplished a herculean task of getting this community for lunch in their backyard. 

A handful of magical cooks prepped and cooked in the early morning hours, whipping up Gowda style lunch with a laundry list of food items.

It was an unforgettable experience. A little recap video below followed by all the food items. Enjoy!

Non-veg Menu:

Paaya(spiced bone soup)

Raagi muddey (millet flour balls)

Mutton saaru (goat/lamb curry)

Chicken biryani (chicken cooked in spiced rice)

Raitha (cucumber, onion, tomato in yogurt)

Mutton chops (pepper mutton semi-curry)

Mutton liver fry

Chicken kabaab (deep fried battered boneless chicken) 

Boiled eggs

Sliced Cucumber, Onion salad

Most of the vegetarian items were preped by volunteers at home.

Veg Menu:

Onion pakoda (spiced onion fritters)

Tomato bhaath (spiced tomato rice)

Hurli-moley saaru(sprouted horse gram and potato curry) 

Beans pallya (sautéed beans with seasoning)

Kosambri( cucumber, carrot, green gram seasoned salad)

Happala, sendigay (crackers)

Uppina kai (pickles)

White rice

Rasam(peppery hot soup)

Mosaranna (seasoned yogurt rice)

Majjigay (seasoned buttermilk)

Kheer (dessert: vermicelli and dry fruits in milk)


Paan (sweet blended beetle-nut and leaves)