Birthday cake for Umakka

Time flies, its hard to imagine but life goes on. Im sure you are being SO you in heaven, Umakka! The festivals up there must be so wholesome! You must be cooking up all your delicious recipes, teaching how to make intricate rangolis, perfecting the art of saree draping. Im sure heaven is happy to have you. Cant wait to see you on the other side. 

I made this cake in your memory. Full of blue skies, and flower fields, just the way you like it. I was going through your pictures when you toured Europe and Kashmir, and you were among fields of flowers - daffodils and tulips. It inspired me to make a piece of that, to see you happy amidst happy people around you. Miss you so much...damn it. May you be happy. 

Happy birthday my dear sister, my angel, and my guiding light. Not a day goes by without pausing to think about you, wondering about you. You take care...

See what I made, chocolate and marble cake with Nutella filling, homemade buttercream as light as a cloud that will just melt in your mouth.