Second birthday without you


Another year gone by without wishing you on your birthday. Time is merciless, shows no sign of stopping. The only light at the end of this tunnel is that I am getting closer to seeing you on the other side. I miss talking to you Umakka. Your laughter, you walking around your house cleaning and checking over  your helpers. Cuddling your doggies and tending to your plants. Miss the magic that you waved around your beautiful home. 

 Looking at your pictures is all I have. I miss how you would always twin my clothes with yours. You would tie the saree for me, put flowers in my hair, share your clothes and jewelry. Miss all the gossip we shared. Miss  all the parties you threw. All the places we traveled when the kids and I came down to visit. 

You were so excited to see me, every single time! You would always be at the airport to receive and send me off. You never gave me a shopping list. You loved my kids unconditionally. You enjoyed watching cartoons with them. You taught Rishi for a science test and he was so happy he scored full marks. He always remembers that. Once in Kabini, Prathu fell and scraped his hand. They were full of thorns. You instantly took out a safety pin and removed them with utmost precision. I stood there in awe just watching you. You amaze me to this day my dear sister. Miss you so much.

Wish you love and happiness wherever you may be. Till we meet again.