Jamun/ Java plum juice

Jamun fruit juice

These tangy, sour and slightly sweet plums are found in the South Asian sub continent. Right now we are at the peak of the season. You can find Jamun fruits everywhere! We are fortunate enough to have these organic fruits picked from our farm and sent home. 

A great source of Vitamin C, this fruit when seeded and blended with some honey makes an excellent immunity booster drink. 

Serves 2-3
15-20 jamuns, washed in warm salt water
2 Tbsp honey

Grate the jamuns to seed them, then blend them with honey to form a puree. Add water depending on how thick you like it. 

You can also modify this to an Amla/ Indian gooseberry and jamun jam, and preserve it in the refrigerator for a few weeks. For this I take the jamuns and gooseberries in equal quantities. 

For the preserve
2 cups whole gooseberries 
2 cups whole jamun
1/2 cup jaggery/brown sugar or honey

Cook them in 5 cups water, bring it to a rolling boil until the gooseberries split open. Turn off the heat and cool. Seed them and purée to a fine paste. Pour the purée into a pan and cook for 5-7 minutes on medium heat. Add honey and stir. Let the mixture cool. Then refrigerate. 

We add a spoon of this preserve to a cup of warm water every morning and have it as tea. Its so soothingly refreshing. Drink away!