Strawberry girl cake

The best part of this cake is her strawberry boots! This is my second cake for a little princess who is growing up fast! The first time I had made her a pony, chariot cake and princess cake for her 3 years ago when we both lived in Seattle. You can see that post here - chariot cake and princess cake here

Now her mom and I share a special friendship. We both moved back to our hometown in India, and the birthday celebrations continue! 

The request was layers of chocolate chip cake with strawberry buttercream. The fondant creations needed a strawberry girl theme. The cake was the tricky part. I tested two cakes that flopped. The chocolate chips sank to the bottom. My mom came to the rescue, she gave me expert tips. I tweaked my recipe, and the third time was a charm! Now I have the perfect recipe down in my recipe treasure chest! Thanks ma!