Papaya and almond milk smoothie

Papaya almond milk smoothie recipe

Recipe and picture contributed by my niece Impana Gowda
Here is a yummy smoothie that can replace your morning breakfast. Ripe papaya, home-made and almond milk.
Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 5 minutes Total time:
Yield: makes about 2 cups, serves 2
1 cup papaya pulp, fresh, scooped off from its shell
6 almonds, soaked overnight in a cup of water
A  pinch of cinnamon
A tsp of honey

Add all the ingredients and puree them to a smoothie consistency. Serve with finely chopped almonds, enjoy!

I need to tell you a little about our guest contributor, my niece. Impana is a doctor, and a newly married bride! She has been wowing us with her new creations in the culinary world and this recipe caught my eye! So here is her recipe in all its glory, we hope you will contribute more innovative and healthy recipes to our readers. Thanks for this one!