Ocean themed cake and home birthdays!

It is not how much we spend on a birthday party that counts, it is how much fun children have,  that they will cherish for a lifetime...

It was an ocean themed cake for our little boy's 6th birthday! My parents and sisters hosted a fabulous party at our home in India. All the love and effort that went into it by the power women of our family was priceless.

Birthdays should be made memorable for children, and what better way to know that, than experience. Our parents always gave us great birthdays. hey never hosted it in lavish places and called in the finest caterers. They hosted it at home, with delicious homemade food.  Mom always baked her signature cake and mouthwatering dinner.

To this day, we sisters, cherish the fact that we had a great childhood. We hope we can give the same to our children today.

This was another trip to my motherland, traveling for two important reasons, one my niece's wedding, and two, to meet my little nephew.  I resigned from a job that I dearly loved. My reasons to travel to India and make family connections were simply greater than my job. It was a bitter sweet feeling to let go, of all the good friends and great work environment.

So the jam packed trip was fruitful to say the least, it was an organized disarray of weddings, baby naming ceremonies, brunches and dinners. Life did not stop there. To that, add a few sick children battling heat rash from the warm summers and change in climate, and food poising from all the yummy food at home and out.

Did I forget to mention, we also squeezed in a birthday party, exclusively for the kids to unleash their wild side? My little sis and BIL, despite their new parents role, kept the children on their toes with games back to back, and water balloons to recharge the fun! My elder sisters home was the perfect party venue, the terrace could fit in a hundred people with ease. My elder sister and BIL ran the show, they were the backbone of all the hot food that kept the kids and adults bellies happy-dappy. From hot french fries, samosas, jilebis, and cheese poppers, cookies, fruits,cheezy  pizzas, candies and coolers, to chinese style dinner of noodles, fried rice and manchuri.

It was all-in-all one fun party that my son will never forget in a lifetime :-) Last but not the least, my parents who made this all possible for us kids and grand kids, we owe it all to them. Mom and Dad, you rock!!