Beet, carrot and spinach salad

Salad boxes for work day lunches :-)
What you need: makes 10 medium servings of salad
2 cups cucumbers sliced
4 whole carrots shredded with a peeler

4 whole beets, sliced thin
2 cups of lettuce torn into 2 inch pieces
10 cups of fresh baby spinach
1 cup red onion sliced into thin rings

10 medium plastic boxes
2 cups of garlic croutons
Salad dressings of your choice.

Prep the vegetables, wash and dry the greens. Layer them starting with cucumbers, beets, carrots, spinach, carrots, beets and finally onion. Add the croutons in 10 small ziploc bags and store. Carry a bag of these with a box of salad.

Add a Tbsp of your favorite dressings in small containers and take along. When you are ready to devour, add the dressing on the salad. Close the lid back. Shake the box well and stir to combine. Top it with croutons and devour. Enjoy!