Kids Lunchbox Idea: Quick Chicken Wraps

A quick lunch box idea. Whole wheat wraps with quick sauteed chicken and green apple bean sprout salad. Step by step directions with pictures.
Green apple and sprout salad coming up soon!

 What you need: Makes 8 wraps
3 boneless chicken breasts, at room temperature
8 Whole wheat tortillas or home made flat bread/chapati (recipe here)
1 whole onion, chopped into chunks
2 tsp olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp ginger and garlic paste
1/2 tsp paprika/red chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1/4 tsp turmeric

2 Tbsp lime juice
Salt to taste

Cut the chicken breasts into 1 inch pieces. Heat a skillet or wok on medium high. Add olive oil. When it begins to smoke, add the  chicken pieces. Saute until they turn white. Add the  ginger garlic paste and saute for another 3 minutes. 

Add the powders and sir until combined. Add chopped onions and saute them all together on high for the next 6 to 8 minutes until the chicken is cooked through. Sprinkle some salt to taste. Toss for a few seconds and turn off the heat.

Pour the lime juice and combine. Let it cool down before you roll them into tortillas or chapatis. It is a great make ahead stir fry the night before too. Enjoy!