Home made fresh bean sprouts / mung bean sprouts

Home made fresh bean sprouts - full of proteins and vitamins.

What you need: makes 3 cups of bean sprouts
1 cup raw mung beans/ green grams
4 cups hot water
A large bowl

Wash the beans well. Place them in a large bowl and pour hot water over them. Cover and let them sit overnight.

The next day, drain the water. Wet a clean kitchen cloth or muslin cloth.

Pour the drained beans in them. Twist the cloth like you ring it to dry. When it is tight enough, bundle it and place a heavy pan, or cutting board, or rolling pin. It just needs some weight so the twisted bundle stays intact.

Place it in a cool place for 24 hours. You will see the beans sprouting. If the cloth feels dry, sprinkle some water just to dampen the muslin cloth and place for another 8 hours.

Once the beans have sprouted well, remove and use them fresh in salads, stir fries, wraps, curries. You may also freeze the sprouts for up to 1 week. Enjoy!