Kids Lunchbox Idea: Hotdog and Pesto Cream Wraps

Lunchbox idea for kids. Recipe follows

What you need: makes 4 wraps
4 large flour or wheat tortillas
4 turkey hotdogs, cooked
4 large lettuce leaves, washed and dried
4 Tbsp cream cheese
1 Tbsp basil pesto
Combine the pesto and cream cheese. Set aside.
Warm the tortillas on a hot griddle with a spray of olive oil to soften it.
 Spread a Tbsp of  cream cheese pesto on the tortilla.
Lay a lettuce leaf on it. Place a cooked hotdog on the lettuce.
Roll the tortilla tightly.
Repeat until you make 4 rolls.
Cut the roll in the middle or into 2 inch thick pinwheel wraps.
Pack them in lunch boxes. Pair this lunch with a box of green apples and strawberries with a cream cheese dip. Enjoy!