Seafood dishes

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Baked Tilapia in pomogranate sauce
Tilapia marinated in pomogranate and chili sauce, and served with a generous drizzle of fresh pomogranates.

Crusted Cat fish in a Mint Marinade
The name says it all. Cat fish marinated in mint sauce - then breaded and cooked.

Pan cooked Salmon on spicy Spaghetti
This a wholesome dinner made with pan fried salmon and whole wheat spaghetti.

Shrimp and bean fried rice
A simple fried rice with shrimp and lima beans.

Baked Salmon in a red wine marinate
The resulting fish from this awesome marinade is moist, and yummy.

Crunchy Fish Cakes
These make a great appetizer for seafood lovers.

Cilantro chili breaded fish
Marinated fish fillets in a cilantro and chili paste, and then rolled in bread crumbs and sesame.

Breaded Cilantro Shrimp/Prawn
Marinated shrimp rolled in bread crumbs and pan roasted in very little oil.

Yogurt marinated fried fish
A very simple recipe, marinated, coat it in semolina and shallow fry.

Lemon Chili fish
A wholesome dinner for sure!

Goan prawn/shrimp curry
A coastal exotic, this dish has coconut cream and a lot of spice.

Pepper Shrimp/Prawn Fry
Marinated shrimp is sauteed with green peppers.

Shrimp Manchurian
This is a lip smacking appetizer you can try when you have guests over.

Shrimp yogurt curry
Shrimp in a spicy yogurt sauce.

Salmon in sweet, spicy Mango curry
If you love Salmon, in a spicy curry, try this fusion of sweet mango. It is sure to impress even your worst critic.

Shrimp and corn stir-fry
This stir-fry is quick to make with some crunchy vegetables. It can be part of dinner, or enveloped in wraps.

Fish curry South Indian style
Like I always say, to make fish curry, is easier than vegetable curry.

Fish Biriyani - Hyderabadi
Layers of rice and fish curry, then some saffron to add to the royalty, fish biriyani is born!

Shrimp Biriyani
A moist and succulent biriyani with shrimp - just heavenly.

Cantonese Shrimp fried rice
Cantonese fried rice wih colorful veggies and shrimp ofcourse!