Poultry and Meat Pilaf, Biriyani and Fried rice

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Green Chicken Pilaf
A rich pilaf made of basmati rice, hot green chilies and spices.

Chicken Fried rice
A simple fried rice lots of colorful veggies and chicken.

Goat and yogurt pilaf
A longer recipe, takes a little more effort than the regular pilaf, but well worth it.

Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani
An exotic biriyani from the royal kitchens, with layered with chicken, spices, rice and saffron.

Lamb Pilaf
A lovely combination of green chilies, black pepper and aromatic spices are ground to make this dish delectable.

Bell pepper Chicken Fried rice
Fried rice made with colorful peppers.

Thai chicken fried rice
As the name suggests, red chili flakes and fish sauce, my all time favorite rice.

Sticky Chicken Fried rice
A recipe from the Mongolian grill, sambal is the secret ingredient of this dish.