Poultry and Meat appetizers, curries and stir-fry

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Almond chicken curry
A blend of almonds with hot chilies gives you that warm Mughalai aroma and taste!

Baked Chicken in Tomato and Curry leaves
As the name states, chicken marinated and baked, then sauteed in crisp curry leaves and tomatoes. A simple appetizer

Butter Chicken - Murgh makhani
Marinated and baked chicken tossed in silky creamy curry and tomatoes.

Baked Chicken and Pepper Saute
Chiekn dusted with flour and baked, then sauteed in peppers.

Chili Chicken curry
The most basic Indian chicken curry made from red chili powder and coriander.

Chicken Necks in Curry
This is another delicacy that is my husband’s favorite - chicken necks in curry, spiced up with hot green chilies.

'That' Chicken soup
Gray clouds outside, sick kids? the perfect chicken soup to soothe sore throats.

Chicken heart fry
Wondering what my husband will want me to cook next! This was actually good. Chicken hearts cooked in coconut and chili.

Chicken Tikka
This is a favorite Indian food, all over the world! Basically, a traditional recipe from North India.

Chicken Tikka Masala
This curry dish of roasted chicken chunks (chicken tikka), is a thick creamy sauce of cashew, tomatoes and spices.

Chili Pork
A versatile dish that can be altered to make an appetizer or a curry. It also compliments dry rotis and naan/flat bread.

Coriander Chicken Curry
This is the most common chicken curry my mom would make on Sunday afternoons for as long as I can remember.

Green Chicken Skewers
Moist, tender chicken kebabs are low in fat and make an excellent appetizer, or why? just make it lunch.

Red lamb curry
Another classic recipe handed down from South Indian cooks. A lip smacking, finger licking dish.

Dahi Kheema Kofta
Aromatic meatballs in yogurt curry

Kheema curry
Meatballs in coriander, green chili and coconut curry

Kheema chili fry
Minced meat roasted in aromatic spices. makes an awesome flat bread roll.

Stuffed Kheema Parathas
Minced meat stuffed in whole whea flat bread.

Mangalore Lamb curry
A Coastal recipe made with loads of fresh coconut.

Methi / Fenugreek chicken
A silky chicken curry intoxicated with the strong flavor or dried fenugreek leaves.

Meatballs in garlic sauce and honey glaze
Meatballs baked, and simmered in honey and garlic sauce.

Chicken pie
Mini minced chicken pie baked to crispness.

Pepper-mint chicken curry
Dried mint and peppers, a fantastic combination in chicken curry.

Pepper pork masala
This is my sister's recipe, a pork culinary specialist :-)

Pineapple meatballs in pepper stir-fry
This recipe is a contrasting combination of meatballs marinated in pineapple bits, and stir fried in spicy peppers and onions.

Red Pork curry
The recipe calls for 3 kinds of chili peppers.

Seekh Kebabs
Seekh Kebabs are ground meat, seasoned and spiced, then wrapped around a skewer and grilled.

Sesame lamb curry
This is a great old curry that boasts of sesame roasted and ground to give a nutty and rich flavor.

Spinach'n Chicken curry
Chicken in a spinach-coriander curry.

Spinach pepper lamb
Lamb cooked in a spinach-pepper blend curry.

Tandoori turkey wrap/stir-fry
Tandoori tasting ground meat stir fry, tastes awesome in a wrap.

Tandoori Manchurian
It tastes crazy good! I combined the tandoori chicken and Manchurian, to make this appetizer.

Tamarind goat curry
The tang of tamarinds and red hot chilies, one of teh best combinations to cook got in.

Turkey Omelet
Ground turkey and peppers in an omelet, a filling Sunday brunch!

Turkey and Vegetable Meatballs
Ground Turkey and a ton of vegetables make for a hearty feast.