Flat breads, rotis and other authentic foods

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Whole wheat layered chapathi
Flat bread rolled into layers and pan fried to crispy goodness.

large deep fried flat breads made from flour and yogurt.

Mint garlic paratha
Finely shredded mint and crushed garlic mixed into the flour to make this flat bread.

Puffed bread donuts, deep fried in oil.

Ragi mudhe
Steamy soft dough made from finger millet flour.

Avarekai akki rotti
A South Indian flat bread made of rice flour, and vegetables.

Ragi rotti
Another flat bread handmade with Finger millet flour, vegetables and greens.

Spicy Spinach Chapathi
Cooked spinach and red chili is blended into wheat flour to make this bread.

Kheema paratha
A minced meat stir fry is enveloped into dough and rolled into bread.

Cabbage paratha
Shredded cabbage blended into flour to make this bread

Cabbage in pita pockets
Pita pockets filled with spicy cabbage stir fry.

Making a closed wrap
A simple way to roll a closed wrap

Making an open wrap
A simple way to roll an open wrap