Vegetarian stir-fry and wraps

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Aloo palya / Potato fry
Potatoes, onions and lentils sauteed in turmeric, cumin and mustard. It serves as a great side dish for chaptis/tortillas or on bread toasts.

Beetroot stir-fry
Onions and beets sauteed in lentils and spices.

Beet and potato stir-fry
A variation of the traditional beet fry - the beets and potatoes are cut very similar like french fries and then sauteed with paprika and spices.

Bread fruit / Dheevi halasu palya
Bread fruit seeded and skinned, then chopped up and sauteed with coconut flakes and spices.

Cabbage stir-fry
Cabbage and onions sauteed along with hot green chillies and mustard seeds. A spicy wrap that blends well in pita pockets or whole wheat breads.

Cauliflower stir-fry
A rainbow of colors fill this stir fry with cauliflower, pepper, carrots and little purple shallots.

Cauliflower and corn stir-fry
A bright yellow sunshine stir-fry with cauliflower, and corn seasoned in spices and turmeric.

Cheese, spinach and corn fry
Some grated Indian cheese/paneer, fresh baby spinach and corn make this stir-fry delectable in toasted sandwiches or flat bread.

Okra, peanuts and chili fry
Okra sauteed to a crispy crunch and topped with roasted crushed peanuts and paprika, an amazing combination!

Okra stir-fry
A simple okra and onion stir fry with chili flakes to compliment the flavor.

Okra and Tomato fry
A wholesome gooey stir-fry or onions, tomatoes and okra. The dish tastes great in a wheat chapati wrap.

Potato, pepper and peas stir-fry
A quick and delectable vegetable fry with diced potatoes, peas and peppers.

Chayote squash / Seeme badnekaay palya
A succulent vegetable sauteed with loads of lentils and onions.

Soppu / greens stir-fry
Fresh sauteed greens and onions tempered with red chilies and lentils, wow, one of my comfort foods, reminds me of my hometown vendors that sell fresh greens at the door.