Football cake pops

Go a step further and make game day cake pops that kids and adults will adore!

What you need - Makes about 30 pops
1 box of your favorite cake mix, and the other things mentioned on the box to bake the cake.
8 oz of raspberry or apricot jam
Lollipop sticks or mini skewers
Sheet of waxed paper.
Styrofoam bed or sheet
2 lb chocolate candy melts
1/2 cup of white chocolate candy melts

Bake the cake as the instructions say on the box. Cool it completely. You can just leave it in the baked pan. Crumble it with your bare hands (better still, give this to your little kids, they will enjoy it!) until it is in fine crumbs.

Add in the jam and mix well yet gently, kneading until you can roll it into a ball, and extending two opposite ends to resemble a football. If you think it is not moist, add some more milk. Place them on a plate, wrap a plastic wrap around it and let it chill in the fridge for an hour.

Now melt the chocolate candy melts in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until the liquid is warm and smooth, or use a double boiler in a hot water bath. 

Run the lollipop sticks or mini skewers through on end and set it nearly all the way.

Dip the cake end of the lollipop stick into the melted chocolate/candy and turn, to coat them evenly. Stick the coated pops on Styrofoam, do this to all the cake balls and let them set in a cool place.

Melt the white chocolate and and pour them into a plastic bag. Decorate the pops with white lines to resemble a football. let it set. Devour. Enjoy!