Cake recipes

Date cake This is a rich date cake without sugar. The cake is infused with the sweetness of dates and honey. The cake itself is not very sweet, but the icing sure makes up for it.
Cherry wheat cake A whole wheat cake with fresh cherries and dusted with sugar.
Cranberry chocolate cake A dense chocolate cake covered with cranberry chocolate frosting, tangy and sweet, and bitter, a wonderful blend of flavors.
Coconut rum creme strawberry cake Here is a moist, dense strawberry cake soaked in coconut rum goodness and topped with rum infused cream frosting!

Coconut orange cake A moist orange cake topped with a thin orange glaze and coconut.
Dark chocolate and wheat cake for Halloween Just in time for Halloween, a dense chocolate cake wade of whole wheat.
Eggless strawberry cake Eggless strawberry cake topped with melted chocolate and sugar. Garnished with whole strawberries.
Gluten free rice cakes All you gluten lovers, here is a sweet and light cake that is made of pure rice flour instead of gluten, enjoy!

Chocolate orange cake Dark chocolate and zesty orange flavor, great combination!

Pineapple upside down cake The sweet aroma of baked pineapple filling the air as you bake, and the caramelized syrup trickling down the sides of the warm cake, divine! You must bake this cake to really experience that feeling, yum!
Red velvette cake Red is the word for this cake. The color is rich and cake is moist and dense. The only down side, I wish I dint have to use that much red food, that is a lot of red!
Yogurt coffee cake This moist cake with layers of coffee, is just what you need for an evening chit chat with friends.

Irish creme carrot cake Here is a rich cake infused with fresh carrots and liquor, then a crunch of almond. I just fell in love with the color and texture of this beauty. A simple yet fabulous glaze makes this cake complete.