Whole wheat chirote - sweet crisp wheat fritters

Here is an Indian sweet that is popular during Diwali. I suppose it got its name from the ingredient that is used, chirote - super fine cracked wheat. Traditionally all purpose flour is used alongside chirote, I have used whole wheat instead. he result is the same texture and crispiness but the color is a deeper brown, much like the color of whole wheat.

What you need: Makes about 12 medium sized chirotes
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup chirote / superfine semolina/rave
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
3 Tbsp melted butter
Water as needed
2 cups vegetable or canola oil to deep fry
Powdered/confectioners sugar to dust
To make the layer glue - 1 Tbsp melted butter and 1/2 Tbsp rice flour

Sift together whole wheat flour, chirote, salt and sugar. Place it in a mixing bowl. Melt butter in a microwave until its a hot liquid. Make a well in the flour mixture and pour it in. Use warm water and mix the flour mixture to form a firm pliable dough. Cover the dough with a wet cloth and let it stay that way for a few hours.    

Divide the dough into 7 or 8 balls of equal size. Roll out each dough ball into a thin flat bread. The thinner the bread, the flakier will be the chirote. 

Mix the layering glue by combining a tablespoon of melted butter and rice flour together to form a thick glue like mixture. Apply this glue to the first bread, layer the second bread on it and repeat with the next bread and layering glue.

When all the 7 or 8 breads are stacked and held together by glue to form one thick bread, roll that bread tightly into the shape of a cylinder. Cut the cylinder out into little wheels of about 1/2 an inch in width. Using one wheel at a time, press it down to see the layers within, like petals of a layered flower.

Sprinkle some flour on the rolling board, gently roll the wheel out from center to side, slanting it out. Repeat the same to get all the wheels flattened out to double in size. Set aside. 

Heat the oil in a medium saucepan. Once it begins to smoke, gently lower the chirote in the oil and fry them until they are golden, flip them over to cook the other side as well.

Once they are out and left to drain out the oil, dust the warm chirote with sugar powder and serve. Enjoy!

Ps: You can make a variation by dipping the fried chirote in a thick sugar syrup instead of dusting it with sugar, for a richer taste :-)