Vegetarian rice dishes, pilaf and biriyani

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Avarekai pilaf
Averekai, a green bean found in tropical countries, makes a great aromatic rice pilaf.

Coconut pilaf
This creamy mellow pilaf is a hit all the time, at a potluck, party or just a weekend dinner with my family. It is pretty much as simple as cooking plain rice. It blends with any curry to give a classy taste!

Hyderabadi Vegetable Biriyani
A lovely and lightly flavored rice filled with the aroma of saffron and colorful vegetables. Try it for a party platter or that special dinner.

Mango Rice
Maavinkaay(mango) chitra anna (colored rice) as its called in Kannada, is a yummy tangy rice made of green unripe mangoes. There are 2 versions to making this, I am sharing the quick and easy method.

Methi and corn pilaf
A spicy pilaf made with corn and fenugreek leaves. Fresh fenugreek tastes good, but dry leaves make them better!

Pepper rice
Pepper rice is simple fried rice that is tempered with ground pepper, peanuts and lentils. It makes an ideal food during the cold months when kids have cold and cough.

Paneer fried rice
This rice dish is surely a vegetarian’s delight. Filled with golden crisp paneer cubes and colorful vegetables. It can be eaten as is, but also beautifully blends in with spicy curries and other side dishes.

Spinach pilaf
Spinach pilaf is so green, so beautiful to see, and so yummy to eat. This is pretty easy to make, as it is all cooked in one pot. You may use the crock pot if you like. The key to a great pilaf is slow cooking.

Tangy Lime Fried Rice
This is a quick and easy way to transform left over rice into a tangy fried rice. Add some zesty lime juice and fresh vegetables, and you have a lip smacking tangy fried rice in minutes.

Tomato Pilaf
Here is an authentic tomato pilaf that is made with loads of fresh tomatoes and green peas. A touch of mint to the rice gives added aroma and flavor.

Tomato Rice
Tomato rice is yummy tangy rice made of red pulpy tomatoes and chilies. Make more and store it in the fridge for up to 6 weeks. Cook some hot rice, mix in the paste, and your tummy is filled in no time :-)

Tamarind Rice
Puliyogare or tamarind rice is a South Indian classic - made with sour and sweet tamarinds. A mouthwatering paste that can be made and stored for a really long time. When in need, just pop it in with rice and devour!

Soy sauce vegetable pilaf
A twist to the regular pilaf, made with vegetables and soy sauce gives a unique flavor to the rice

Vangibath - Eggplant rice
Vangibath is spicy rice made of fresh brinjal/egg plants. It is a very common breakfast /rice dish in South India. You can substitute egg plants with cabbage, or peppers.

Yogurt rice w/pomegranates
A soothing yogurt rice tempered with lentils and cumin, then topped with cilantro and pomegranates. Need a kick of hotness, add in some green chilies!