Egg dishes

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Egg Pilaf
A no mess, all in one pot dish. Chop the veggies, add the masala and rice; cook on low heat!

Egg Fried Rice
A no mess, all in one pot dish. Chop the veggies, add the masala and rice; cook on low heat!

Egg sandwich w/ Kale and avocado butter
Some fresh bitter kale and avocado butter paired with and egg omelet and whole grain toast, brunch is served!

Fenugreek egg toast
The any-time egg stir fry made with fresh fenugreek leaves can be cooked for dinner, or topped over breads and toasted with cheese for breakfast. Wrap it into a flat bread or pita for lunch.

Veggie and ginger omelet
Vegetbales in an omelet are healthy, but fragrant ginger and cumin add a new dimension to the flavor of this dish!

Omelet - Carrot and corn omelet
A regular omelet filled with carrots, corn and cilantro.

French toast with fresh cherry sauce
Dip stale bread loaves in beaten egg batter and toast it with a dollop of butter. Top it with some fresh cherry glaze and sugar dust, a yummy breakfast anytime.

Custom omelet on butter toasted brioche
A lot of baby spinach, peppers and onions make this custom omelet stand out. Serve it with buttered brioche and sausages for a complete breakfast!

Omelet - Colorful Veggie Omelet
A colorful omelet that envelopes the sweetness of corn and carrot, and perfectly balanced by the spice of the peppers.

Omelet - Turkey omelet
Ground turkey and peas stir-fry and peppers enclosed in an omelet!

Creamy Egg masala
A yummy cream curry with boiled eggs and sweet peas.

Egg and veggie wrap
This egg based stir fry has a good amount of vegetables, that can be wrapped in chaptis/tortillas or used as a side dish.

Egg masala
Boiled eggs in a masala of tomatoes, peppers onions and whole spices.

Red egg Curry
Boiled eggs in curry made of red chilies and spices.

Methi Egg Curry
Boiled eggs in a fenugreek leaves curry, the aroma of this curry fills the room.