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Daily Herald, newspaper and online, WA, USA - since 2011
Article Rum and fruit cake for the holidays.
Article Diwali delights.

Redmond reporter, newspaper and online, WA, USA - since 2015
Article Rum and fruit cake.
Article Holiday side recipes.

Archana's kitchen, India - since 2016
Recipes are a regular feature on Archana's website.
Recipe quinoa phirni - porridge.
Recipe quinoa chocolate cake.

Organic Mandya, India - since 2016
Recipes of healthy organic grains, millets and other produce.
Recipe millet burger patties.
Recipe millet and methi masala idlis.
Recipe millet cookies.
Recipe carrot millet muffins.
Recipe millet string hoppers.
Recipe millet spicy porridge - bisibelebath.
Recipe spicy/shara millet pongal.
Recipe sweet millet pongal.
Recipe millet dhokla.
Recipe millet crepes.