January 3, 2013

Cake recipes

Green peacock and henna cake
Inspired by my mother's gold embroidered peacock silk sarees in hues of blue and green.

Toy story Woody cake and cupcakes
Yeehaah! Sherriff Woody, birthday boy and boots!

Thomas the train cake
A two layered train cake for a little boy who loves Thomas the train!

Pearl of the sea cake
This cake for a litttle girl, her name meant pearl, the perfect inspiration for this cake.

Beach and unicorn cake
This cake was an interesting combination, 3 tiers of cupcakes, top tier, a beach unicorn!

Carousel Cake for a baby shower
A shower cake for a dear friend and a secnd time mom. It was adorned with little teddies. Also made teddy cookies as take home gifts.

Animals in the jungle cake
A three tiered cake for a little boy who loves animals. All the animals are made of fondant. The cake is covered in yellow and green fondant.

Bugati Veyron cake and cupcakes
Made these for my son's birthday, his current craze, as you can guess cars!

Gumball Darwin cake
For a cartoon network fan who was obsessed with the Amazing world of Gumball :-)

Soccer cake and cupcakes
Made these for a soccer game after party for my son.

Optimus Prime Transformer cake
This project was a combination of fresh cream black forest cakes and a standing transformer completely edible and made out of fondant. I wasn't sure how the two would come together, but they did eventually. The reward was little kids picking at the cake before it was cut...priceless!

Bride and groom party cake
Made this for a good friend's son's wedding party.

Ocean themed cake
Ocean themed cake for a little boy wh dreams of starfish and octopus!

Pokemon ball cake
A pokemon ball cake for a pokemon fan. the two layered cake in filled with strawberry and cream. It is topped with buttercream. The ball shape was baked from a ball mould pan, Filled, then frosted with buttercream. This cake was a lot of fun to work with.

Mickey mouse cake
A mickey mouse face cake is an easy one tier cake. Bake your favorite flavor cake in a large round and two little rounds for the ears. roll out fondant and get creative.

Skateboard cake and lots of candy!
A decadent chocolate cake topped with basic vanilla buttercream and lots of colorful candy.

Date cake
This is a rich date cake without sugar. The cake is infused with the sweetness of dates and honey. The cake itself is not very sweet, but the icing sure makes up for it.

McQueen and Tow Mater cakes
Whats more fun for a kid than to have McQueen and his best buddy Tow mater at his birthday!

Green ninja birthday cake
You go ninja.. you go all the way.. this was a fun and exhausting party plan, but the birthday was beaming from cheek to cheek, which made it all worthwhile :-)

Soccer birthday cake!
Trying to make a dream come true through a cake is quite a task. The soccer ball cake was loved by all.

Pink rosy cake
A butter cream cake with pretty pink flowers and sweet pea flowers.

Airplane cake
An all buttercream cake for a little boy who is crazy about planes ofcourse!

Baby cart cake
All buttercream lemon frosted strawberry cake for a baby shower. It is made of fat-less sponge cake, sandwiched in cream cheese and strawberry, and topped off with loads of lemon butter cream.

Pink and white tiered shower cake
Strawberry cake and layers of buttercream and topped with MM fondant.

German black forest cake
This is a great recipe, comprising of fatless chocolate cake and a thin layer of filling and frosting. The cake is soaked in yum brandy syrup. After eating the German version, you will never want to get back to the American version.

Cherry wheat cake
A whole wheat cake with fresh cherries and dusted with sugar.

Cranberry chocolate cake
A dense chocolate cake covered with cranberry chocolate frosting, tangy and sweet, and bitter, a wonderful blend of flavors.

Chocolate coffee liquor cake
A 2 layer cake, made up of a chocolate base layer and a vanilla top layer cake. Both the layers soaked in espresso liquor syrup. Then each layer is topped with coffee cream icing. The top layer is loaded with lots of chocolate.

Coconut rum creme strawberry cake
Here is a moist, dense strawberry cake soaked in coconut rum goodness and topped with rum infused cream frosting!

Coconut orange cake
A moist orange cake topped with a thin orange glaze and coconut.

Cream and mango strawberry cake
This cake just melts in your mouth. It is made of fatless cake, sandwiched in cream and sweet mango and strawberries, and then topped off with more good fruit.

Dark chocolate and wheat cake for Halloween
Just in time for Halloween, a dense chocolate cake wade of whole wheat.

Eggless strawberry cake
Eggless strawberry cake topped with melted chocolate and sugar. Garnished with whole strawberries.

Flower basket raspberry cake
A butter cream frosted raspberry cake adorned with fondant flowers.

Gluten free rice cakes
All you gluten lovers, here is a sweet and light cake that is made of pure rice flour instead of gluten, enjoy!

Horse cake with Genoise sponge
Genoise cake is a classic European sponge cake. It is light yet just moist enough to use in light fruit cakes or mouse cakes.

Irish creme carrot cake
Here is a rich cake infused with fresh carrots and liquor, then a crunch of almond. I just fell in love with the color and texture of this beauty. A simple yet fabulous glaze makes this cake complete.

Kiwi and pineapple cream cake
This cake just melts in your mouth. It is made of fatless cake, sandwiched in cream, sweet pineapple and tangy kiwis. This is one of my personal favorites.

Lightning Mcqueen car cake
A rich chocolate cake topped with buttercream and covered in fondant. One of my first ever experiments with home made fondant.

Melt in your mouth mango cake
A four layered sponge cake glued together with fresh mango and cream, and topped with more mango.

Yogurt coffee cake
This moist cake with layers of coffee, is just what you need for an evening chit chat with friends.

Whipped cream and fruit cake
Made this 3 tier fresh cream and fruit cake for a birthday.

Chocolate orange cake
Will add the recipe soon

Pineapple upside down cake
The sweet aroma of baked pineapple filling the air as you bake, and the caramelized syrup trickling down the sides of the warm cake, divine! You must bake this cake to really experience that feeling, yum!

Red velvette cake
Red is the word for this cake. The color is rich and cake is moist and dense. The only down side, I wish I dint have to use that much red food coloring....man, that is a lot of red!

Cream and fruit cake
This recipe calls for a fatless cake, sandwiched in cream and fruit, and topped off with loads of good fruit, arranged in a rainbow of colors, beautiful!

Spinosaurus cake
This dirty devil monster cake topped with orange and brown fondant isent pretty, it has the exact look of mean spinosaurus :-)

Tiramisu cake
A very famous Italian dessert; ‘Tiramisu’ means pick me up. This coffee lover’s favorite is made up of biscuits dipped in an espresso and liquor syrup, then layered and frosted with mascarpone, a creamy sour cheese.

Trifruit trilayered cake
This is an easy cake to make with minimum ingredients. The cake is a fatless 3 layered sponge filled with light cream and 3 fruits. The cake is light, fluffy, and low in calories, so another reason to try!

White elephant cake
What better cake for a thrifty elephant party? a little white elephant fondant cake, enjoy!

Pumpkin and spider cake
Pumpkin cake for halloween and cupcakes for the spiders - spooktacular!
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