Kids lunchbox: Mini pizzas

Persian chicken kebabs soaked in saffron

Indian lasagna

Thai curry rice with shrimp

Thai Shrimp Curry

The fusion cuisine page just had a face lift... and you can tell, they did a great job :-)

Spicy shrimp and vegetable noodles sauted in red wine vinegar

Red wine and garlic pork loin

Whole wheat pizza with sausage crumbs and zuchinni

Zucchini, Hot dog & Shallot Pizza

Chili chicken teriyaki stir fry

Vegeterian spring rolls

Mini dinner roll burgers

Cranberry sauce

Dajaj Mashwi - Arabian Grilled Chicken

Asparagus chicken noodle soup

Pan cooked Salmon on spicy Spaghetti

Whole wheat cinnamon waffles

Shrimp and spinach in Schezuan Sauce

Creamy chicken and vegetable fusilli