This page is dedicated to my friends and family who have been kind enough to share their recipes and pictures with me. Their contributions have brought in unique flavors to this website, and our viewers have loved them. Thank you!

Impana Gowda 
My niece, studying medicine, a doctor and newly married! I have literally seen her grow up from a shy high school girl into a beautiful, mature young lady. She has been making amazing breakfast smoothies, and I call her the #smoothiequeen :-) Find her recipe creations here.

Indresh Datar
An engineer by profession, Indresh has a passion for cooking new dishes! His lamb is always cooked just right, and his salmon always comes out flaky and moist. Skiing, biking, and meticulous organizing are one of his many talents. His "Dajaj Mashwi" dish is one of the highest viewed recipe on this site! Check out more here.
Padmaja Prasad My childhood buddy, college buddy, cousin, best friend! She has always loved books, and has a high IQ! After we got married and moved to different continents, we can still talk on the phone across oceans for hours on end! She has her bachelors in Design. Her cake creations are an art of perfection! Her posts have been viewed 700 times! Take a look at her work here.

Sowmya Nanjaiah 
Try a "Beat Sowmya's Biriyani" contest with her, and you won't win! She loves cooking meat and seafood dishes. She is great with appetizers and grilled chicken. Check her many recipes here.