November 3, 2013

Sweets, and jam recipes

Besan laddoo
Chickpea flour roasted in clarified butter and molded into balls with sugar.

Flour dumplings deep fried and dunked in sugar syrup.

Shaavige paysa
An aromatic Indian dessert made of vermicelli; for special occasions and celebrations.

Badam puri
Crisp sweet and light almond fritters, that melt in your mouth.

Sweet pongal
A steamy pudding of rice and moong dhal/ yello bean lentil.

Carrot halwa
A sweet, sticky, carrot, sugar and cardamom confection

Green apple kesaribath
Sweet semolina pudding and green apples.

Freshly ground rice and brown sugar fritters, a classic festive sweet.

A flour dumpling stuffed with coconut and sugar goodness sealed within and deep fried to a golden crunch.

Sihi kadabu - stuffed dumplings
A rice flour dumpling stuffed with coconut, lentil and sugar goodness sealed within.

Mysore pak
A soft lentil sweet that was born in the royal kitchens of Mysore, India.

Flat bread stuffed with lentil and sugar; pan fried to goodness. Another festive classic.

Whole wheat holige
The same classic with a healthy twist - whole wheat

Orange kesaribath
Sweet made with fine semolina and fresh orange juice.

Broken rice and milk pudding that was born in the kitchens of the royal Mughals.

Rave unde
Sweet coconut, semolina and sugar balls

Sorekaai halwa
Sweet sticky calabash confection.

Sorekaai paysa
Sweet calabash porridge

Sihi avalakki
Sweet salad of beaten rice, raisins, banana and sugar. Topped off with cardamom.

Strawberry Raspberry Jam
Where do the bags of fruit from strawberry picking go? Into the jam pot silly :-)

Berry jam
A medley of strawberries and blueberries made into jam, yum!

Apple marmalade
A great way to use up all the apples you have bought from apple picking or the farmers market.

Rich plum preserves
Ripe red plums cooked with sugar and jurned into preserves with whole plum chunks.

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